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  • Now on sale DEEP PEACE RELAXATION   The creation of the WATERFALL SERIES DVD was born out of the desire to explore the gentleness and peaceful symbolism that waterfalls invoke. My wish is to find a way ...
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  • Pre-pay Online Services  Deep Peace Hypnosis is now offering Pre-pay online and Hypnosis DVD orders. Just go to SERVICES to pre-pay, today and then call (504) 228-9004 ,to set ...
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  • First Time Discount  Take advantage of our first-timers discount! (all discounts apply to in-office-session only not for out calls or online client).
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  • Video Phone Calls Services If you have Skype for video calls, we can conduct a private hypnotherapy session anywhere in the world . You must be an a comfortable position for an hour and ...
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        DEEP PEACE HYPNOSIS LLC is dedicated to Unlocking Your Hidden Potential and helping each
client reach their goals . Hypnosis can be one of the most peaceful and deeply relaxing experiences of your Life. The techniques of Clinical hypnotherapy have helped countless individuals overcome many problems that have controlled their lives.
        Ninety percent of people, that come into DEEP PEACE HYPNOSIS LLC to be hypnotized to quit smoking , give up the habit , with only one session. For a faction, of the hundreds of dollars a year, spent on a habit, that is controlling your  life.  You become healthier and begin saving almost instantly.  The ten percent of the people remaining may only need a few additional sessions. Everyone is an individual and the therapies are geared to each person. 
        Some benefits of being hypnotized are increasing your ability to concentrate , recall and retain information , increase
learning capacity , think more creatively and clearly. Your self confidence , motivation for success can be greatly improved through hypnosis. Hypnosis can help you overcome unwanted habits such as nail-biting , bed-wetting , insomnia , smoking , drinking and procrastination. You can relieve stress and anxieties related to feeling of inferiority , fears and phobias , stage-fright , fear of air travel and other mental blocks. Hypnosis is used for  reduction or complete elimination of pain for dental procedures , childbirth , preparing for surgery , and any other situations in which it would not be in danger of causing complications to arise.  It also has been very effective in improving any kind of athletic abilities. Hypnotherapy is very helpful in lose weight and remove excess fat from the body.   Hypnosis can even help you overcome psychosomatic illness. In a short time, you will see the power of your unconscious mind at work to achieve success.
        Medical science confirms that reducing stress will improve your health and overall well being.  At DEEP PEACE HYPNOSIS LLC, our dedication goes beyond wanting our client to achieve deeply relaxed state while being hypnosis, but to learn the techniques of relaxation to develop their own preventative medicines. 
        Thomas Edison postulated that every cell in the body "thinks". This is true because the subconscious mind regulates every process in the body, your heart beats, your blood flows and oxygen is supplied to all parts of the body, without any conscious effort by you. The subconscious mind is doing those functions all by itself. The greatest chemist in the world can not duplicate what the unconscious mind can do! 
         The unconscious mind stores information about everything we have ever experienced. If your mind can understand the cause of your problems, your mind create a solution that you will be pleased with.
When the conscious mind is relaxed , the subconscious mind can work out the best solutions for your problems. The changes will be automatic and lasting.
         You do not have to be a slave to your unconscious mind , anymore. People live everyday being control by their subconscious minds, without the tools to deal with it. Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful tools in helping you be free , from any negative programming. 
          There is a small percentage of people who believe that they can not be hypnotized. The truth is, everyone can be taught to reach a hypnotic state. In fact, everyone enters a state of hypnosis on a daily basis. When your having a daydream, you are in a light hypnotic state.  When you are involved in a really good novel and everything else seems to disappear, you are hypnotized. Each night before you go to sleep, you begin letting go of the day.  As you drift away, you have entered a state of hypnotic relaxation. Being hypnotized is as natural as sleeping or having a daydream. There's no reason for those people to believe that hypnosis will not work for them, any person who really want to, can be trained to achieved a deep state of hypnotic relaxation. Clinical Hypnotherapists, at DEEP PEACE HYPNOSIS LLC, are equipped with the most effective suggestions and techniques to create  positive change.The Side Effects are a happier and healthier Life. Call us, we can help  you choose a better life today!
DEEP PEACE HYPNOSIS LLC 's products and services are for the purpose of providing Clinical Hypnotherapy for the benefit of everyone in achieving their goals. Hypnosis is a proven therapy, that has grown in understanding, from something that is read in a good science fiction novel to things we live, everyday, in science fact. 
DEEP PEACE HYPNOSIS LLC is a limited liability corporation operating lawfully in the State of Louisiana.